what does it mean when you dream about someone who is already dead hugging you?

Often times we see those people in our dreams, who have died. Sometimes we talk to our loved ones in our dreams and we don't even realize that they have left this world.

Hugging dead in dream

In a dream we see that one of our deceased people is hugging us, and when our eyes open, that is, when we wake up from sleep, there is a strange peace. And it seems that that person is alive and well in the world, just like he was seen in a dream.

Dear friends, today we will learn the interpretation of this dream from the platform of dreamsinterpretation.info, i.e. "Embracing a person who has already died in a dream, or he is hugging us in a dream who has died".

There are different interpretations of the dream of hugging the dead. Like hugging your dead parents, your dead children, your dead brothers and sisters, your dead relatives, a familiar dead person, or an unfamiliar dead person in a dream. And hugging a dead friend in a dream.

Similarly, there are other forms of seeing this dream and their different interpretations.

If you want to know the interpretation of your dream, read this blog post completely.

According to the Imam of interpretation, Imam Ibn Sirin, hugging the deceased in a dream is a proof of longevity. And he has also written that a short hug is a sign of longevity. While long hugs and repeated hugs are a sign of the dreamer's death.

If a person sees in a dream that he is hugging the deceased and the deceased is not letting him go in the dream, then the interpretation of this dream is that the dreamer will die. And if the deceased person lets the dreamer go, then this is the proof of the dreamer's longevity.

Hugging deceased father in dream

If one sees in a dream that he is hugging his deceased father, then the interpretation of this dream is that he will have a long life. If he is hugging for a long time or the deceased father is calling him to him, then this dream can also mean that the dreamer is in the last days of his life.

But most of the time such dreams come because of the separation of his father and remembering him again and again, or thinking about him. In short, after his death, the dreams will continue for some months.

Hugging deceased mother in dream

The best relationship among parents is that of mother. It is in Hadith Sharif.
Heaven is under mother's feet.
If someone is hugging his deceased mother in a dream, then the interpretation is the same as the interpretation of hugging the father in a dream.

Hugging Dead Parents in dreams

Hugging one's dead parents or just hugging one's mother who is deceased is a proof of Completion of work, long life, happiness and fulfillment of heart's longing.

Hugging dead children 

In the same way, hugging one of your dead children is a sign of sorrow and grief, wealth, an increase in business, and getting children.

Hugging your dead brother or sister

Hugging your dead brother or sister in a dream is a sign of prosperity in the house, removal of difficulties, increase in age, and fulfillment of heartfelt wishes.

Hugging Relatives in dream 

Hugging one of your dead relatives is a sign of expansion of business, elevation of honor and status, achievement of purpose, and relief from sorrows.

Hugging dead acquaintance

Hugging a dead acquaintance in a dream is a sign of getting a Comfort and peace , longevity, an increase in wealth, and success in the goal.

Hugging an unfamiliar dead person

Hugging an unfamiliar dead person is a sign of prosperity if in good condition, otherwise distressed.

Hugging your dead friend in a dream

Hugging your dead friend in a dream is a sign of comfort, an increase in sustenance, wealth, and fulfillment of hope.

Hugging your dead spouse in dream 

Hugging your dead spouse is a sign of sickness, sorrow, happiness, elevation, fulfillment, increase in dignity and prosperity.

Other General Interpretation 

Hugging or smiling at a dead person is a sign of comfort, an increase in wealth, business, longevity, and fulfillment of heartfelt wishes.

Crying while hugging a dead person in a dream is a sign of removing difficulties, getting short-term wealth, fulfilling the longing of the heart, and getting honor and respect.

Embracing a dead person feels good, it is a sign of enjoyment of life, victory over the enemy, wealth and fulfillment of hopes.

Hugging a dead person in a dream but not feeling good is a sign of getting wealth and honor but being worried.

Why do we dream of dead people?

Often such dreams come to us when a loved one of ours leaves this world. We often think about our loved one and remember the moments we spent with him. And then when we sleep, we see that person in our dreams and it seems as if he has not left this world.

If you have seen such a dream, then there is no need to panic. Such dreams come only because of remembering that person every time, in whose separation we cry and this world seems deserted to us.

I would like to tell you about one of my dreams so that you are not afraid of such dreams.

Separation is the most painful thing in human life. Prophet Yaqub (peace be upon him) also became blind while crying at the separation of his son Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him).

My late father, may Allah Almighty forgive him completely, when he died, his lack could not be fulfilled. Whenever I thought of them, my heart would break and my heart would be filled with this world.

I used to think about them often, one day I saw them in my dream and I hugged them. And hugged for a long time until my eyes opened and at that moment I found myself so calm that I cannot describe. And I felt that my father was alive.

Dear friends, when you think of your deceased person who was everything to you in life, who was the source of your life, he will always be in your dreams because you loved him. . And today when he is not there, his separation has made you think about him. Now your brain will keep showing you its image while awake and sleeping.


In this post, we have tried to tell you what is the meaning of hugging the deceased in a dream. Hope you have found the meaning of your dream with the help of this post.

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